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Written by Jennifer
24th June 2024

Looking to generate leads and sales on LinkedIn? LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an invaluable resource to help you on your journey.

Available in three different levels (Core, Advanced and Advanced Plus), Sales Navigator has been designed with sales professionals in mind, offering extra features to help you find, connect with and nurture potential prospects.

Why Choose Sales Navigator?

Let’s face it… A free LinkedIn account is worthless when it comes to lead generation. Not only are you limited on search capability, but you’re also limited on connection requests, InMails and prospect visibility.

As LinkedIn’s flagship subscription for sales professionals, Sales Navigator has been purpose-built to help you make the most of your LinkedIn connections, find new contacts, and increase overall sales.

Key Features of Sales Navigator

As previously mentioned, Sales Navigator is available in three different levels – Core, Advanced and Advanced Plus.

While Core provides only the foundational features, these are the key features that will help overhaul your approach to lead generation:

  • Advanced Search Filters: While a LinkedIn free account is limited to 18 search filters, LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers more than 30 filters to help you find the best accounts and leads! Available filters include Company, Role, Spotlight, Workflow and much more.
  • Saved Searches: If you’ve created a great search that you wish you come back to later, Sales Navigator allows you to save the search and receive alerts when new results become available.
  • Saved Leads & Accounts: Up to a maximum of 10,000.
  • Custom Lists: When searching for and connecting to new prospects on Sales Navigator, you have the option to save them to a custom Leads List up to a maximum of 10,000 leads and accounts. This is a great way to keep track of potential prospects as LinkedIn will alert you to any activity on their account, including job changes, new posts and much more.
  • Increased InMail Credits: LinkedIn users with a Sales Navigator subscription receive 50 InMail credits per month.
  • Lead & Account Alerts: Receive real-time alerts on actionable and newsworthy events impacting your saved leads and accounts, including new job alerts, being mentioned in the news and lead recommendations.
  • Lead Profiles & Account Pages: Learn about accounts, identify commonalities and note icebreakers.
  • Relationship Map: Build your buyer circle and identify gaps. To find out more about the LinkedIn Relationship Map, take a look at our blog, What is a LinkedIn Relationship Map?.

Relationship Building on Sales Navigator

With more and more people using LinkedIn to generate leads and sales, relationship building is the key to standing out for all the right reasons.

However, building relationships takes time, especially when targeting a large pool of potential prospects, and that’s where Sales Navigator enables salespeople to build relationships at scale through its saved leads and account feature.

When you save a Lead on Sales Navigator, you will receive real-time updates on important moments and milestones and noteworthy developments in their account. These include but are not limited to:

  • New Job Alerts: With the Lead Career Change alert, you will be informed when a lead starts a new job role, enabling you to reach out, congratulate them and get the conversation flowing.
  • New Content Alerts: Lead Share alerts notify you of recent posts from your saved leads, enabling you to like, comment and even privately message them in a timely and genuine manner.
  • New Engagement Alerts: If a saved lead engages with content from your LinkedIn Page, you will be alerted in real-time, enabling you to share further information and insights into the specific content or topic via a private message or InMail.

Sales Navigator Pricing

They say the best things in life are free, but unfortunately for LinkedIn users, that doesn’t apply to Sales Navigator – after your month’s Free Trial that is!

  • Core: From £69.99 per month when billed annually.
  • Advanced: From £114 per month when billed annually.
  • Advanced Plus: Price available on request from LinkedIn.

Monthly rolling contracts are also available at a slightly increased monthly cost.

To Finish

If you’re serious about generating leads on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator is a truly powerful tool that will help you find, connect and engage with potential prospects across the world’s largest professional network.

By identifying the most valuable features and using these effectively, you have the power to boost your sales performance, increase your ROI and even grow your business.

However, if like many busy business owners and salespeople, you are struggling to find the time to fully commit to your lead generation strategy, you might want to consider delegating the task to LinkedIn Lead Generation company.

This is where we can help by assigning you with a dedicated and experienced Account Manager who will utilise the features of Sales Navigator to provide consistency in your lead generation and relationship building, helping you to generate leads and sales while still focusing on running the business you love!

Still unsure? Hear directly from some of our clients or give us a buzz on Leeds: 0113 3206266 or Harrogate: 01423 297009 to find out more.

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