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Why Bee Social Marketing?

Social media is about more than just posts and tweets, it’s about creating and maintaining an effective strategy that works in synergy with your brand objectives and future goals.

Here at Bee Social, we don’t just schedule 100 updates per day and hope for the best, our team of social media experts use a proven combination of bespoke strategies, high quality content, creativity and industry-leading marketing software to put your business at the forefront of your target audience’s feeds, achieving unbeatable results.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve turned many businesses social media around after other social media agencies have simply failed to get them off the ground, deliver any significant results and for the client to see a R.O.I. So before you lose focus of how social media can help your business and give your competitors the upper hand, please speak with us first, what do you have to lose.

From LinkedIn Lead Generation through to Social Media Management and Training, our services are tailored to the needs of our clients, helping businesses of all sectors reap the rewards of social media marketing.

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Our Services...

Social Media Management

We work in synergy with our clients to become an unstoppable force on a one-way road to success from building brand awareness to driving website traffic and even generating leads and sales. Visit our Social Media Management page to find out more about this service.  

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Social Media Training

While it’s often ‘easy’ to get started with the basics of social media, professional maintenance and management is reliant on expert knowledge, strategies and skills. So, whether you’re struggling with a specific platform or looking for all-round support, our bespoke social media training could be perfect for you.

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Facebook Paid Advertising

With over 3 billion users worldwide, Facebook is by far the world’s biggest social network, but it is also one of the hardest from which to grow your business organically. As experts in achieving optimum reach through Facebook paid ads, we are on hand to help you select the right…

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