Facebook Paid Advertising Management!

Did you know… Organic Facebook content only reaches around 10% of your audience – Tiny right?!

This is where Facebook’s paid advertising comes in.

If you want to grow your business on Facebook, a monthly paid ad budget and strategy is essential. Having massively evolved over the last few years, Facebook Paid Ads are, in our opinion, much more powerful than Google Ads. Not only do Facebook know you and your interests inside out, they also enable you to:

  • Gain more followers.
  • Target your desired audience.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Increase online sales.
  • Generate business leads.

Whether you’re promoting your page, boosting a particular post or targeting your audience through messenger, Facebook offers an incredible range of targeting options that enable you to direct your ads to your target audience based on demographics like age, location, interests and much more. In fact, the targeting options are so specific that your ads fit perfectly into the feeds of your chosen audience.

As with all social media marketing, a clear strategy is the key to success. We create a bespoke Facebook Ads strategy for your business, helping to deliver more engagement, more traffic and more sales.

As experts in online content writing, we cover everything from selecting the right campaign to the creation of the ad itself and even the tracking. We work within your budget to maximise your chosen KPIs, while minimising the cost per click and reaping the best results for your business.

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How we help...


Specific audience targeting with Facebook Paid Ads with a variety of advert styles Including some of our favourites, Lead Generation, Messenger Ads and Conversations.


Facebook Paid Ads are perfect whatever your goal, more page likes, boosted posts, actual sales and generating leads and receive emails and telephone number.

Creative Design

Our team of experts will design and create your ads to achieve maximum results, get this wrong and the whole campaign will flop.


Facebook have all the tools to show you what you are getting for your money from every campaign.

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