What is LinkedIn Jail?

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Written by John Ranby
9th September 2022

It may sound scary at first but we promise you that LinkedIn Jail does not involve any police – you definitely won’t be in LinkedIn’s good books though! 😉

Put simply, if you find yourself in LinkedIn Jail, this means that your account’s functions have been restricted as you are deemed to have violated their rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, this can be a common occurrence if you are using LinkedIn for Lead Generation purposes, especially if a number of people have selected “I don’t know this person” after ignoring your invitation.

To avoid this, we recommend personalising your connection messages where possible and always keeping them polite and friendly, rather than salesy. For example, if the person you are connecting to has just celebrated their 5 year work anniversary, incorporate this into the message.

Other reasons for being sent to LinkedIn Jail include:

  • Your Account Has Been Hacked or Compromised
  • Repetitive Abusive Behaviour
  • Using a False Identity
  • Using Third-Party Software & Automating Your Messages

Over the last year, we’ve received an increase in calls from business owners who have been either blocked or restricted by LinkedIn. Unfortunately, once your account gets to this stage, there really isn’t anything you or anyone can do.

Depending on the severity of your actions leading to the ban, you could write to LinkedIn in a polite and professional manner and ask for the restriction to be lifted and promise you won’t do it again. Then the power is in their hands, you may get lucky or you may not.

If you don’t break any of their rules, you have nothing to worry about. LinkedIn are only protecting you, me and everyone from receiving spam messages from bots.

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