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Written by John Ranby
9th September 2022

Should I use automation tools on LinkedIn? If not, why not?

In short, it’s against LinkedIn’s terms of use and, by using them, you run the risk of getting banned.

“So what if I get banned?” I hear you ask.

LinkedIn has developed so much over the last 3 years and it’s no longer just an online CV to help you find your next role. It’s now the perfect platform to nurture your target audience!

We know for a fact that none of our LinkedIn customers would want to risk getting banned and losing all the valuable connections and business relationships we have helped them build!

Bee Social Marketing have spent the last few years developing successful lead generation strategies for Business Owners and Sales Directors in both B2B and B2C industries. For many of our clients, LinkedIn has become the most effective marketing tool for lead generation, helping to grow their business, land their dream clients, significantly grow their headcount and really make an impact on their bottom line.

Our Research

We carried out some of own research into automation tools a few years ago and downloaded a Chrome Extension that was receiving rave reviews for automating LinkedIn. This, may we add, was before we knew that it was banned by LinkedIn. At the time, we were pretty excited about the time it could potentially save us when working on our clients’ accounts, however, it was only a matter of days after first using it on our own account that we saw the real damage it could potentially have – whether this be targeting the wrong people or potentially getting us banned!

We decided that day to never use the extension again.

It was also around this same time that we were contacted by a blue-chip company who were very open and explained that they were already working with an agency that were providing an automated LinkedIn Lead Generation service. Despite only being two weeks into their contract, they were already unhappy with the various mistakes being made and the high volume of negative comments from the key contacts they were trying to develop relationships with.

For some, this blog may seem like old news but you wouldn’t believe how many successful business owners and sales professionals still don’t know that A) Scrapers, bots and automation tools are against LinkedIn’s terms of use and B) They could potentially get them banned!

As previously mentioned, we didn’t even know this until a few years ago! And the worst thing is that there are even marketing agencies selling a Lead Generation service using automation software they have developed to completely unsuspecting businesses – again, this is against LinkedIn’s terms of use and you still run the risk of being banned. We doubt they’ll tell you that though!

We have lost count of the number of developers who have contacted us trying to sell their LinkedIn automation tool and like any good salesperson, they always have an answer to your objections – usually, “Our software isn’t detected by LinkedIn.” Maybe not today but what about tomorrow? Or next week? It’s only a matter of time before LinkedIn discovers that you’ve been breaking their terms of use and neither us nor our clients want to be any part of it!

Before we conclude, we just want to be clear that this article focuses purely on LinkedIn automation. There are many great tools when it comes to automating other aspects of your marketing but LinkedIn needs time, patience and a human touch. That’s why at Bee Social Marketing, you can rest assured that you have a dedicated Account Manager searching, targeting, engaging and generating leads for your business.

If you would like to read more about LinkedIn’s terms regarding prohibited software and extensions, there’s lots of helpful information on their website:

And if you are thinking about LinkedIn Lead Generation, listen to the many video testimonials we have from clients discussing their R.O.I from working with us!

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