Bee Social will always go that extra mile for your business!

You are just as important to us on day 1 as you are months or years later.

We set the highest standards in customer service, which is why we work with most of our clients longterm. Bee Social are there as long as you need us to be there, with no long contracts or penalties, we believe in happy clients.

If you require a boost online longterm or for a shorter period, we can help you get the best results.

Like most bees, we work together, we stick together and most of all we grow together.

What our Clients Say:

“I have worked with John & BeeSocial for a number of months. The deep understanding of Social Media that John possesses is quite refreshing and it has really resonated with my business and the improvements that I have seen in the engagement with my brand. If you want a Social Media Expert- John Ranby is the person you need to speak to.”

Michael Cotler

“John has an incredible appetite for social media marketing, he literally cant get enough of it, he works 7 days a week, all hours. His attention to detail for each & every single customer is second to none, regardless of who the client is. John is building something here, and I have no doubt with his passion & honesty he will deliver success to all who sail in the good ship Bee Social UK.”

Paul Bedford, London Live TV

“I just wanted to thank you and your teams efforts since you have been working with us here at Bluebird Care (Greenwich). It’s very clear that the methods you are using are working for us here. Our customer usually found us through leaflets we distributed but since you have been working with us 90% of our enquires are through the internet. Keep up the excellent work.”

Bluebird Care, Greenwich

“John’s social marketing course was fantastic. I learned more in 2 hours than I have in 5 years of stumbling through online marketing.”

David Baker, Switched on Energy Brokers

“Just had a brilliant social media training session with John. My knowledge prior to the event was very limited so was not that optimistic that I would understand how to run my own online media strategy:-) However john has given me a master class in the various platforms and I am now confident that I can use the internet to help my business achieve its goals. Many Thanks.”

Carlos Horner, Business Doctors

“I recently used Bee Social’s training services after someone recommended them to me. Fantastic company made the complicated world of social media simple and easy. The expertise and advice was priceless. I would recommend Bee Social UK to any business in any sector who is wanting more customers..”

Rhys Boven, Switched on Energy