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Writen by John Ranby
4th February 2019

The most important reason for hotels to be active on social media is to manage your online reputation. With Hotels relying very heavily on word-of-mouth promotion, ensuring that positive comments and reviews are being made about your business is vital. Also, social media allows you to boost your brands reputation further through engagement and great customer service.


Social media is an excellent way to remain connected with your guests before and following their visit . This could then lead to repeat business in the future but could also be used to provide reviews for your hotel and visitors may leave photos for potential guests to see. Guest comments are a very effective and often easy way to boost your brand reputation online.



Bee Social Marketing work with a number of Hotels. Try to think like a customer for a moment, if a potential customer is looking at visiting your location, they would likely view both you and your competitors website which both look great and are very Informative. But now they look at both your reviews, to find your Hotel have either zero or very bad online reviews where your competitor could have a few or many fantastic reviews. I know who I would choose, the Hotel with the best reviews that gives me peace of mind that my stay will be perfect. The truth could be, your Hotel is by far the best but your online presence just doesn’t show it as it’s not been part of your strategy.

Local Connections


Building connections in your local community shows your local knowledge to your guests but may also lead to more guests visiting through your connections with other businesses.

For hotels, it is highly important to connect to other businesses that your guests may be interested in. For example, local attractions so that you can give recommendations to your guests. If you are able to give recommendations and advice to your guests, then this will also boost your customer service and ultimately your brand reputation. The local tourist attractions, events and conferences you are posting or tweeting about could be the very reason they decide to visit your area and book with you.



Having an incentive to get guests to your hotel will always drive engagement on your social media. Running a competition, for example, for a free weekend break at your hotel will get customers involved and they are highly likely to share the message to all their friends and family boosting your word-of-mouth promotion. From your incentive, potential customers that haven’t even won the competition etc. may still visit your hotel as they will become engaged with your business and are highly likely to explore your businesses website. Following this incentive, potential customers will remain engaged with your business on social media as they will now be waiting for another incentive – Everybody loves a competition! It’s also crucial though, your content is creative and engaging otherwise your new fans will quickly switch off from you. This is a huge part in how our team at Bee Social Marketing can help to ensure your pages look professional and holds the interest of all your connections and helping you grow even bigger.


Have Fun


Have fun with your social media platforms! Whilst promoting your business is highly important, ensuring that you have fun and captivating material on your social media is important because this will be memorable for your customers and they will remember your social media page for the unique content on it. Having a sense of humour also works very well on social media as humour often gets lots of engagement. This is highly important as the competition for hotels is very high – You must ensure that you stand out from your competitors!

Hopefully, these steps will help boost the number of guests you have visiting your hotel. Don’t forget that engaging with customers is most important as this will keep your customers engaged with the business and guests will keep returning!

Bee Social Marketing have a number of strategies that can help your Hotel grow online, Increasing web traffic, enquiries and bookings. Whoever your target audience may be, Bee Social have the software to target your potential customers wherever they may be located around the UK or world. We would love to discuss some of our strategies with you, so please get in touch.

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