Opening Doors with Social Media

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Writen by John Ranby
19th July 2017

How do you open that door with social media?


Looking to get your foot in the door of a target customer?


Social media is a fantastic way to unlock and open doors to a prospective deal with a target customer.

Unlike traditional media like newspapers, trade magazines, and press releases, these marketing methods are short term, social media’s power is lasting, and with a few key word searches, and a couple of clicks here and there, people can look back on a wealth of posts, photos, and videos which a user has posted over a period. Coming from a print background for over 10 years, I love the fact that every one of us, now have the power to build our own network of target customers rather than paying these big organisations incredible amounts of money for limited reach over 1 day or the relevant period of the publication.

Why is this beneficial? Many people now turn to the worldwide web, and social media platforms to look for prospective business, and where to take their business.

When they’re able to see a business is active on social media, is good at interacting with customers, and has presented a lot of information about their business online, it allows people who’re looking, to learn more about their business on a personal level, to feel like they can trust your business, and picture themselves taking their business to them.

LinkedIn, the social media platform aimed at business professionals is a great place to open the door. Target audiences are practically ready and waiting, they just need to be approached in the correct way.

It’s a great place to discover prospective business, and increase your brand awareness. On this platform, many users often post asking for recommendations for X business. Understandably, many recommendations will come from individuals who have experience in working with the business who they recommend.

Often, when a recommendation comes through, the first thing any person will do, is have a good old nosey on their social media profiles! Personal LinkedIn page, company Facebook page, business Twitter page, and websites. So, these places must look professional and must invite businesses in for them to want to make contact with you.

Not only should social media platforms look great for the above reason, but when regular posting across social media platforms takes place, these also boost rankings too to your business website. This is because of the backlinks created in the social media posts, leading business, and customers to your website; where a business can convert visitors, into customers.

Of course, it’s not guaranteed sales, but what can be guaranteed is leads; leads which are solid, and substantial.

At Bee Social Marketing we create social media strategies for all sectors of businesses on how to successfully open doors through social media, if we have stirred your curiosity, please get in touch for further details. We would love to chat with you and find out more about your business and where you may be struggling.

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