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Written by Jennifer
5th January 2020

Facebook is ever-evolving.

And with it now being harder than ever for brands to reach their target audience organically, we have discovered a lesser-known feature that can help generate FREE Facebook Page Likes!

The best bit? They come from people who have already engaged with your page!

First things first, you’re probably wondering, “How are people liking my posts if they haven’t liked my page?

Facebook thrives on engagement. So if your post has been commented on, liked or shared by a person or page, it is highly likely that it will then appear in the newsfeeds of that person/page’s connections, creating a domino effect for further engagement.

Just think about it, how many times have you seen one of your friends engage with a post that you then comment on or like? We’d have to say at least once a day for us!

But this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like said page, and it’s likely that your engaging audience will react in a similar way – this is where our hidden feature comes in, enabling you to invite them to like your page in a manner that is super easy for both parties.

First of all, to find out who is liking your page and who isn’t, simply click on the hyperlink of the names of individuals who like a particular post, as illustrated below.

Clicking on said hyperlink brings up the ‘Invite to like *Your Page Name*’ box, enabling you to see who:

  • Likes your page
  • Has been invited to like your page
  • Doesn’t currently like your page

All that’s left to do now is invite the users who don’t currently like your page using the ‘Invite’ button next to their name.

Where possible, we recommend doing this within 24 hours of their engagement on the post, as they are more likely to accept your invitation this way. If you do, however, have a backlog of engagements you would like to target, there is no reason why this won’t still be in some way effective.

So, does this tactic actually work?

We have been using this tactic for all our clients and have seen excellent results, with one client increasing their page likes by 266 in one week alone!

Admittedly, it has proven to be more effective on pages that receive multiple engagements per post, due to these reaching a wider audience organically, but it still has the potential to be a very effective tool to generate free Facebook page likes and it’s one we would highly recommend!

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P.S. While this may be a lesser-known secret, we don’t mind you spreading the word on our behalf. Please feel free to share this blog so more businesses can benefit from our little pearl of wisdom. 

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