SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

Let me ask you one question. If you were opening a brand new business would you have it on the main high-street or somewhere in the back and beyond with very little passing trade? Simply put, but for online businesses that is SEO.

Getting you on the coveted page 1 of search engine rankings is the complicated part, but that is what we’re good at. Where your business or company is positioned online can make all the difference between success and failure. Statistics prove that users do not look beyond page 1 and a beneficial SEO plan will help drive traffic to your website and improve your rankings.

SEO is constantly evolving and just when we think we know it all, the rules are changed. For that reason alone, it’s crucial to have a dedicated team looking after your SEO, because without it your website can easily drop off page 1 and then you have the arduous task of climbing up the rankings to get back to that top spot.

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Creative Content

The importance of a creative content related with your business will give you the difference front against potential.

Strong Online Presence / SEO / Seach Engine Optimisation / Bee Social Marketing

Strong Online Presence

The essence of SEO is show your website in the first positions of the results in the search engine.

Linkbuilding / Linkbaiting / SEO / Seach Engine Optimisation / Bee Social Marketing

Linkbaiting and Link Building

We will come up with quality relevant content for your site-designed to attract links.

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Technical Audit

Our regular reviews of your website allow your SEO potential to be fulfilled and improve your performance.

What is SEO exactly?

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At Bee Social we aim to demystify the smoke and mirrors surrounding SEO and demonstrate exactly how it will benefit your business.

For those who don’t know, what you’re looking at is an infographic, which as you can see is an interesting and informative visual way of displaying your business message. Infographics are just one SEO tactic and are an extremely effective way of engaging with your audience. Images have more of an impact, in fact, there is nearly 50% increase in viewings where relevant images are used. Capturing your viewers and hopefully turning them into new customers and sales is ultimately what every business strives for.

At Bee Social our in-house SEO team and copywriters work to align your strategic social media and PR campaigns. We constantly analyse and review our client’s SEO performance to ensure we are achieving the agreed objectives and KPIs.

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