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Content Marketing - Bee Social Marketing - Harrogate


Content Marketing - Bee Social Marketing - Harrogate

Content is King is a phrase that is bandied about a lot when people talk about SEO and the reason for this is your website content has to be well-written if it’s going to improve your rankings.All the services we offer at Bee Social are used in synergy to get the best results. There would be little point introducing a PPC campaign to drive people to a website that’s not fit for purpose, as it will just push potential customers away and your website won’t be ranked highly.

If improving your rankings is important to you, then content marketing is necessary because search engines reward websites with quality content that is informative, engaging, that has high-authority links and content that is regularly updated. But it’s not about fulfilling the search engine criteria it’s about providing a valued and trusted service for your customers that is then naturally recognised by search engines. If your website doesn’t demonstrate this then converting viewers into loyal clients or customers simply won’t happen.

If at Bee Social we initially analyse your content and copy to identify areas that need improving. We have in-house copywriters, professional bloggers and journalists who can produce the right content that will engage your readers and make them trust your business and the services your provide.

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